Medical Research Council (MRC) invites Precise to Research Council UK (RCUK) Research Innovate Grow 2015 exhibit

Posted: 10 July 2015

From left: Sebastian Fuller (SGUL), Emma Harding-Esch (PHE), Luke Moore (ICL), Tariq Sadiq (SGUL)

Precise team members Dr Tariq Sadiq, Dr Emma Harding-Esch and Dr Sebastian Fuller were joined by Dr Luke Moore of Imperial College London for a Medical Research Council exhibition on antimicrobial resistance at the Research Innovate Grow exhibition at the Queen Elizabeth Conference Centre in Westminster on 2 July. The Research Innovate Grow exhibition showcased world-leading UK research scientists tackling important global issues in collaboration with industry experts. The Precise team were delighted to have the opportunity to discuss our work with scientists, business leaders, funding agency representatives and members of government. We discussed the strides we have made in rapid, point-of-care antibiotic resistance testing for sexual infections via our collaboration with industry, and demonstrated the Atlas Genetics io platform with a sample test cartridge.

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